Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why is JNNURM such a big failure now?

In JNNURM a huge amount of funds (Rs. 55,000 crs) was allocated to projects by the Ministry of Urban Development, since each city corporation already had a number of projects waiting for funds. These projects were not prepared by local governments through identifying people's basic needs but generated by consultants and project proponents and developers etc. This JNNURM scheme has come to mean many different things for various sectors.
Becoz it does not cater to local essential needs like household level water supply, but only concentrates funds and resources on big-ticket infrastructure projects, JNNURM is responsible for the violation of basic human rights.
This is exactly why JNNURM is such a big failure now. It only set out to benefit a chosen few and not the aam admi at all.

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